Go Wildcats!!!!

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Welcome to Cross Country!!

My name is Mary Beth Mann. I have been privileged with the opportunity to serve as coach for this team for the upcoming season.  I have been involved with this program with increasing participation for over 4 years.  All three of my children have participated in this program and all three continue to love running!!

I have invited Tilisa Durham and Catherine Schwarz to serve as assistant coaches.  I will ask each of them to submit a short summary of their running experience to add to this page.

              My name is Catherine Schwarz and I am so happy to be helping Coach Mann as an Assistant Coach this season! I                began running 10 years ago and I loved it immediately. I ran my first 5k in 2009, my first 15k in 2010 and my                      first ½ marathon in 2013. Over the last 10 years I’ve run three ½ marathons, six 15ks and too many 5ks to count.                  My family, Ben 9th grade, Amy 7th grade and my husband run 5ks with me. We ran our first family 5k in 2013 and                we continue to run several together every year. While I can’t run as fast as they can, it’s fun having them cheer me                on as I reach the finish line. My favorite running quote is “Our running shoes have magic in them – the power to                  transform a bad day into a good day; frustration into speed; self-doubt into confidence; chocolate cake into                            muscle.” And don’t forget, summer miles bring fall smiles!!

Hello, my name is TiLisa Durham. I accepted Coach Mann’s invitation to assist on the team because I enjoy helping children reach their goals.  I am NOT a long distance runner.  I did one 5k a few years ago and was quite happy that I didn’t come in last.  J  I am a track and field woman BUT I am very familiar with cross country.  I have helped in various capacities throughout the years.  Three of my four children run Cross country – my two sons – Kyle and Krystopher run for the high school and Kyra is a rising 8th grader.  Cross country is the conditioning of the whole body – physical, mental and emotional.  It is not only about speed, but determination (If you think you can’t you won’t…if you think you can, you will).  You cannot sit on the couch all day, then get up and say I’m going to run 1.86 miles and expect to do it well.  CONDITIONING is the key.    My favorite parts about XC are watching the growth of the runners, every one cheers for ALL of the runners and it’s not as long as a track meet.  I am looking forward to a fantastic season!!!  Go Wildcats!!!

I personally have run off and on since high school.  I have never been a particularly blessed or talented runner but I credit running with changing my life for the positive in mulitple ways.  I believe running improves you mentally, emotionally, physically and socially.  I believe that over the years I have acquired enough knowledge about running to plan challenging and stimulating workouts that will allow all levels of runners to improve.

My goal is to help each student to love running not just for a few months but for a lifetime.  Whether they make it to the Olympics, college running or just recreational 5Ks I hope to inspire new and experienced runners to practice harder and smarter and stronger.

To that end, please know I will not be holding "fun and games" at my practices.  If your child does not come home at least a few times asking to quit or "hating" me I will not feel that I am truly challenging them.  I want them to learn that they can accomplish more than they ever dreamed they were capable of.  Please encourage them to stick with it.  

Please help your runner to set daily, weekly and seasonal goals for time and distance.  Goals should be challenging but attainable with dedicated work.  I would love to set and review goals with each student but given the size of the team that is not feasible.  Goals should be written down and placed in a location that can be viewed regularly (bathroom mirror, fridge, back of phone or lock screen on phone).  If you are not aimed toward a goal you are not going anywhere.  

Please be patient with the coaching staff.  This is our first season managing the team.  There are a lot of background details that I will try to take care of but please forgive any newbie mistakes. 

Please volunteer!! If you want to help but aren't sure how you can contribute please contact me and we can figure out a way for you to contribute to the team!!

Thank you for the chance to work with your child!!


Coach Mann