Go Wildcats!!!!

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*Scroll down for Tryout material*


Summer dates for 2018 WMS Cheer:


Monday June 11,  8:30AM-11:30AM Optional Clinic #1

Monday July 9, 8:30AM-11:30AM Optional Clinic #2


*Optional Clinics will be held at IMPACT1.  Each athlete must checkin with a signed release form in order to participate.  Forms can be found at www.impact1allstars.com

**Athletes should bring water bottles and a snack to each clinic



Monday July 23rd, Tryout material review, timed run and scoring of tumbling, if applicable.  Fittings may occu

* drop athletes off at Middle school main entrance at 8AM, we will go straight to the track

** pick up athletes at HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM BUS LOT.  AFter we leave the track, we will be at the high school gym.

Tuesday July 24th,  TRYOUT DAY- 8AM-12noon *Results posted online at 6pm** drop off and pick up is at High school gymnasium.


8th grade drop off at 8:15Am- tryout is 9am-10am

7th grade drop off at 9:15am; tryout is 10-11am

6th grade drop off at 10:15am; tryout is 11am-12noon


Tryouts will be held in High school auxiliary gym.


Wednesday July 25th Parent Meeting (athletes not required to attend) (5pm-8pm)

*bring a check for uniform deposit – payable to WMSABC- put your childs name and grade in the memo line.

6th Grade meeting 5pm-5:50pm Library

7th Grade meeting 6pm-6:50pm Library

8th Grade meeting 7pm-7:50pm Library

Thursday and Friday July 26-27: SKILLS Camp - 9am- 4:30 pm

* Camp will be held at IMPACT1 off of New Town Rd.

On Thursday 7/26 6th and 7th grade 8:30AM-11:30AM; 8th grade 1pm-4pm

On Friday 7/27 6th and 7th grade 8:30AM-11:30AM; 8th grade 1pm-4pm



The weekend  of "July 28th" (the last weekend for your family to vacation without conflict)

Week of July 30th  practice starts (3-4 days per week)

*********TRYOUT MATERIAL**********

WMS Cheer Tryout 2018


All tryout material & instructional videos can be found at this direct link:


or you can access the videos through the HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC website under our HS Cheer page. Make sure you’re in the folder that says “WMS Tryout 2018, or in the “Archives” Folder.


Track Dances: 

#1–Chin Up


#3-Pinwheel (3 ripples) (6th grd does 1st ripple; 7th grd does 2nd ripple; 8th grd does 3rd ripple)

#4—Slider (Archives folder)


#6-Rag Doll (2 ripples) (6th and 8th grade does 1st ripple; 7th grade does 2nd ripple)

#7-“This Is Me

Track dance Combo 1: #1–Chin Up, #2-Zebra, #3-Pinwheel (3 ripples)  Song:  Do it like this by Daphne Willis

Track dance Combo 2: #4-“Slider #5-“Showgirls,#6-Rag Doll (2 ripples)  CHANGE!!!  Song: Runnin’”by NoahPlause cue up to 50 sec.

Track dance—We Will Rock You Music“This is Me”


Chants: (XX=claps) (*=pause) (all videos in WMS Tryout 2018 folder unless otherwise indicated)

1. Weddington! Wildcats! Go, fight, win! 
2. Attack! Attack! Weddington fight back!
3. Green! Green! Yell-it, White! White! (2 ripples) (6th and 8th grade does 1st ripple; 7th grade does 2nd ripple)
4. Weddington! Wildcats! Green, White, let’s fight! (2 ripples) (6th and 8th grade does 1st ripple; 7th grade does 2nd ripple)
5. Go go big green! Let’s go Green!
6. Go Cats! XX Go Cats! (Old) (Video in Archives folder-anytime chants)
7. Offense (Defense) XX  Let’s go! (Old) (Video in Archives folder—offense chants)
8. Up That Score, Cats, Up that Score! (old) (Video in Archives folder-offense chants)
9. Go! Hey, here we go! Wild Cats, Let’s Go! (old) (6th and 8th grade does 1st ripple; 7th grade does 2nd ripple)(Video in Archives folder- anytime chants)
10. Clap Clap Clap Your Hands! Everybody Clap Your Hands!  XX


Band dances: (Videos in Archives folder)

1.  “Let’s Go Green” (all grades do ripple 3 only) 

2.  “Go Wildcats” (with 2 tricks)

3.  Go, Cats! Go, Cats, Go! (all grades do ripple 1 only)


Other Tryout Requirements:

Toe Touch—see video

Bridge—see video

Splits—see video—both sides (don’t have to do center)

Cartwheel—see video—both right and left side cartwheels

Pushups—see video—10 without putting knees on ground; sternum should touch the top of a can of food

Burpees—see video—15 in 60 secs

*Jump Rope—see video—5 min non stop (bring your own jump rope*NEW

Run—see instructional pdf--On outdoor track

6th and 7th graders: ½ mile (2 laps) 


3:00-3:30 min—4pts

Less than 3min—5pts

8th grade:  1 mile (4 laps) 



Less than 8 min—5pts

First scrimmage is August xx, First game is August xx.


 *We will practice 3-4 days per week in August.  Please plan your vacations accordingly.  Summer practice attendance is mandatory. 


If you have any questions, please contact Adam Thomas at adamthomas@carolina.rr.com