Go Wildcats!!!!

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Annual Fall/Winter baseball Throwing/Conditioning Program for 2018-2019:

When: Every Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30 – 6:00, beginning 9/25.  Continues through the end of January.

Where: Middle School softball field

What: Intense conditioning program for all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders interested in baseball.  The program is designed for this age group, begins at an easy level and progresses to a very difficult level. 

Whats Needed: All players must provide a signed Pre-season Workout Waiver before they are allowed to participate.  Can bring with them on the first day or email a signed copy to . Waivers are found on the booster club website at wmsabc.com.

Please Dress according to weather.  No baseball attire required, just normal workout clothes.  A minimum long sleeve shirt required at 60 degrees or below for arm protection.  Must have baseball glove, NO CLEATS, BRING WATER.  Please be sure your son knows there is NO JUMPING THE FENCE at the softball field.

For detailed infromation about the program and schedule, please click here.


Conditioning Olympics

Our annual Conditioning Olympics have begun, below are the current standings as of 12/18:

Gold Team Gallagher 10
Silver Team Harper 8
Silver Team Huber 8
  Team Stevens 6
  Team Allen 2
  Team Clark -2
  Team Morrisette -2
  Team Austin -4